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Name: Lukas Koos (z)
Date of birth: 1977-09-30
Lives: Outside Eksjö a place called Paradise Education: 3 year Economy,1 year Marketing Profession: Printing Clothes & Decals & IT Support
Eats mostly:  Pasta, Chicken and Thaifood
Drinks mostly: Corona & Non Alcoholic Cider
Favorite gadget: My Iphone
Favorite Movie: The Matrix Trilogy
Listens to : Various artists depending on what i am doing
Likes: Meeting new nice people
Dislikes: Bullshit & Rumors
Family: Mother  Monica, Father Pelle & Brother Markus
Hobby: Carz, Movies & Videogames
Best Quality: Meek and helping people
Worst Quality: Stressed all the time
Favorite Quote: The One who has gone to far is the only one who knows how far you can go
How I would like to be remembered: As an icon in building Styling & Showcarz